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Your hard work has paid off, and it’s time to start your career off strong! CareVet makes your dream career possible with our Strong Start Program, offering industry-leading benefits designed to support new Veterinarians entering the CareVet network.

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Strong Start Benefits

We believe that DVMs entering the industry and our network deserve the opportunity to transition slowly and with support. This is why we offer a variety of programs for Veterinarians* in their first year with CareVet.

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Financial Security

Building your client base takes time. Not only are we committed to helping you build strong relationships with new clients, we’re making sure you have financial security as you do so. That’s why we offer financial support for your student loans, competitive salary and generous signing bonuses – just to start!

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Parental support

We know that starting your career with a family can leave your paws full! That’s why we go beyond the hospital to support you and your family’s needs at home. CareVet Veterinarians have the ability to apply signing bonus dollars pre-tax to their child and dependent care costs up to $5,000 per year!

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No Upfront Non-Competes

CareVet understands new Veterinarians are presented with many options as you start off your career. We're so confident you'll love joining the CareVet network that we do not require new Veterinarians to sign a non-compete for the first six months after starting for our Strong Start Veterinarians.

Mosaic Mentorship with CareVet

CareVet supports Veterinarians in all stages of their careers. Explore the different ways we support your unique career growth through mentorship, clinical skill development, and continuous education.

Mentorship Program

CareVet’s DVM Mentorship Program pairs like-minded Veterinarians within the CareVet network to build clinical confidence, share experiences, and provide support in areas you are seeking guidance in. Our DVM Mentorship Program is custom to your experience, whether you are a new graduate, associate, or Veterinarian in a leadership position at your hospital. 

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Associate Head Start Program

The Associate Head Start Program provides new Veterinarians a fun, informal and safe space to learn new competencies that can be put into practice immediately. Veterinarians gain confidence through clinical and soft skill development, online and in the clinic. While this program can apply to any new associate, new graduates are introduced to a cohort of all new Veterinarians across the network, building community through collaboration.

Managing Veterinarian Development Program

The Managing Veterinarian Development Program was designed to equip new Managing Veterinarians and Medical Directors with the skills they need to be excellent team and business leaders as they transition into their new roles. We focus on building confidence, knowledge and leadership skills through custom resources and mentorship.

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Clinical Skill Development

CareVet supports skill development through custom clinical training based on you and your hospital’s needs. Our customizable training programs are based on individual needs through on-demand or hands-on training. We provide support throughout the entire process, encompassing clinical training, facility & equipment resources, team training and onboarding support. 

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